Thursday, June 08, 2006


When the flowers are dead the seeds fall on the ground. the seeds get buried. they grow roots. and they grow a stem. and will grow some leaves. next they grow a bud. then the flowers stare to open up.


Aunt Kristen said...

Hi Brianna!

I love your blog site! You have some very fun facts on here. I can't wait to see you at your dance recital on Sunday.

Brennan says hi too. :)

Love, Aunt Kristen

brian said...

love your pictures, brianna

love, daddy!!! :)

Miss Vaghela said...

Awesome Brianna! You are SO smart! The diagram is very detailed! SO COOL! xoxo-Miss Vaghela

diane miller said...

Thank you for helping me understand the flower growth process. I love how you love to learn about nature. Love grammy dee